Red-Honey Castillo, Costa Rica (Single-Farm, Single-Variety) - 8 oz Bag

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8- red-honey castillo costa rica.jpg

Red-Honey Castillo, Costa Rica (Single-Farm, Single-Variety) - 8 oz Bag


Variety: Castillo

Elevation: 1476 MASL 

Farm: Hacienda La Pradera

Region: Tarrazu

Process: Red Honey

This is one of four coffees from two neighboring farms in Costa Rica - Hacienda La Minita and La Pradera. All four of the coffees are single-variety separation. This particular coffee is a microlot separation of the Castillo variety and is processed using the red-honey process. Castillo is the most commonly planted variety in Colombia (it is not typically grown in Costa Rica) and is a cultivar of the Colombia variety. The “Red-Honey” process involves de-pulping the coffee cherry, but leaving the mucilage (fruit) of the cherry on the seed during the drying process. As the coffee dries, the mucilage on the seed can dried until it is a yellow, red, or black color before being removed in the milling of the coffee. The color of the mucilage on the seeds when they are milled determines the designation of yellow, red, or black honey process.

In this instance, the coffee is processed impeccably — resulting in a sweet, balanced cup with a lot of complexity to boot (not always the case in honey or dry-processed coffee - when the coffee can hide behind the process or when processed poorly become defective). This exceptional quality is consistent based on our experience with coffees farmed, processed, and milled by Hacienda La Minita. It is one of the reasons we are hoping to continue growing in our purchasing partnership with La Minita and their neighboring farms.

**Coffee roasts and ships on Wednesday.

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