Francisco Sagastume, Honduras (Single-Farm) - 8 oz Bag

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1- francisco sagastume honduras.jpg

Francisco Sagastume, Honduras (Single-Farm) - 8 oz Bag


Variety: Parainema

Location: El Dorado, Santa Barbara.

Altitude:1470-1500 masl

Process: Washed, dried on patio.

This coffee is from the San Vincent Washing Mill, which is run by the Paz family. Francisco started selling his coffee to San Vicente since we started operating, in 1980. He was fully dedicated to produce commercial grade coffee and it was his main source of income. His younger brother, Pedro, encouraged him to do specialty and get involved in our program, but Leaf Rust destroyed his Pacas and Catuai farm and he wasn’t able to do it because the cup quality was very poor due to the disease. I visited them the year after (2013) and suggested Francisco and his sons to plant the new hybrid, a Rust resistant variety called Parainema. They did. As a result, we were able to get this interesting and peculiar coffee and separate the production as an individual specialty coffee lot in this 2017. Sadly, he is not going to be able to see the success of his coffee, but this farm now, is a patrimony for the rest of his family. 

This particular farm produced 5 bags of coffee, which we were fortunate to get our hands on. 

For information on how the San Vincent mill and how these microlots are acquired and separated check out our friend Todd Mackey's from Olam's blog

**Coffee roasts and ships on Wednesday.

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