San Mateo Piñas, Mexico- 8 oz Bag

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7- san mateo pinas, mexico.jpg

San Mateo Piñas, Mexico- 8 oz Bag


Variety: Pluma Hidalgo

Elevation: 1600-1800 MASL

Process: Washed

Region: Oaxaca

This is the first coffee from Mexico we’ve had in our lineup. It was also one of the first coffee’s we tasted from Pluma, a sub-region of Oaxaca. This lot is a made up of 100% of the variety Pluma Hidalgo, an indigenous variety genetically related to Typica. In the past, coffee crops from the area haven’t been known for the exceptional for a variety of reasons: high elevation crops were blending with lower-medium elevation crops of lesser quality and coffee hasn’t been a viable crop for a lot of producers due to low coffee prices and coffee leaf rust. But over the past few years a shift has been taking place, with coffees from the region beginning to be introduced to a market willing to pay more for coffees that are worth much more than many have been willing to pay in the past. This has in turn, reinvigorated the local coffee producing community and we are seeing more and more excellent coffee’s from the region.

This coffee has been impeccably processed — which is one of the factors we believe is contributes to the incredible quality in the cup. We would be remiss not to mention the intrinsic qualities of the Pluma Hidalgo variety grown at such high elevations. The resulting cup is balanced with a creamy body with a surprising amount of complex red-fruit juiciness like apple and plum.

**Coffee roasts and ships on Wednesday.

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